Baked Chicken With Pasta

Chicken is a very good source of protein. It is a healthy diet for people belonging to any age. It gives you high quality protein and it is a rich source of many essential vitamins and nutrients.

Chicken is known as one of the safest meat.Pasta is another healthy food which is a source of carbohydrates that is essential for our body.

It is made of Semolina flour and you can get 100s of varieties of pasta in the market.

Many mouth watering recipes can be made with chicken and pasta together. It is healthy as well as can be consider as the complete meal.

Following recipe will take around 10 minutes of preparation and around 45 minutes of making. The recipe is meant for the serving 4 people.

Ingredients for the baked chicken with pasta:

• Breast fillets of bone less chicken - 20 pieces in a cubed shape

• Pasta – 125 grams

• Tomato puree – 300 grams

• Fresh pork sausage – 1

• Red pepper – 1 in a chopped manner

• Fresh parmesan cheese – 25 grams

• Mozzarella cheese – 25 grams

• Cheddar cheese – 25 grams

• Red chili flakes – as per the requirement

• Cream – 125 ml

Method of Preparation

1. Boil water with salt in a pot and cook pasta in it for about 10 minutes. Water should be 5 times more than the pasta quantity. Drain the water after cooking. Put pasta after the water starts boiling.

2. Cook chicken cubes in a deep frying pan on a medium heat for 5 minutes or till it gets soft. The color will change to light brown.

3. Now mix pork and red pepper in it and again cook for another 5 minutes. Keep the pan aside.

4. In another small pan pour tomato puree, chili flakes and cream and keep it on a high heat. Cook it for 5 minutes till the mixture thickens. This will be used as a source.

5. In the same mixture add cooked and drained pasta, cooked chicken, pork and mix well.

6. Put all the mixture in a microwave safe dish and dust cheese over it in the following order. First mozzarella then cheddar and then parmesan cheese on the top.

7. Bake it for 30 minutes until the mixture gets golden color.

The mouth watering chicken with pasta is ready at your dinner table.

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