Caesar Salad Recipe

Caesar salad recipe is one of the most popular salad recipes that you can make. Salads are one of the all time favorite foods popular all over the world. A salad ingredient ranges from the crunchy fresh green leaves to grains and nuts.

Caesar Salad Recipe
You can also add vegetables, seeds, meat, pastas, fruits and many more. Salads can be enjoyed hot and even cold. There are many salad recipes you can prepare by yourself without devoting too much time on its preparation.

It has become popular since it has got the texture as well as taste which you can enjoy. It doesn’t taste like other healthy food. It features jack cheese, tortilla chips, roasted peppers as well as beef.

To prepare this salad you need quite a few ingredients.


• ½ pepper, roasted and julienned

• One cup jack cheese (grated)

• Tortilla chips needed for garnishing

• Two plum tomatoes

• ¼ Cup of olive oil

• One tablespoon nicely chopped garlic

• ¼ Cup of pinon nuts

• Four bunches of fresh basil

• ¼ Cup of lemon juice

• Half cup of Parmesan cheese (grated)

• One tablespoon of chili powder

• Half tablespoon of ground cumin

• 12 oz of beef fillet (should be in 1 piece)

• Three anchovy strips or as required

• One tablespoon of granulated garlic

• Half tablespoon of ground coriander

• White pepper

Method of preparing this recipe

Take a bowl and properly combine granulated garlic, coriander, white pepper, cumin, as well as chili powder. Properly with the help of spice mixture do coating on the tenderloin. The spice coating thickness must be 1/8 inch only.

Now roast it for about 15 to 20 minutes till the time it is not medium. Then take it out and leave the meat for cooling down. Meanwhile, take a bowl and combine garlic, lemon juice, pinon nuts, fresh basil, Parmesan and anchovies, after that put it in a food processor. In the mixture add slow drizzle of olive oil.

If possible you can also use feed tube. If the prepared mixture is very thick then add a little bit of lemon juice or warm water. You need to cut lettuce carefully across their leaves for a good Caesar salad, and then toss it along with dressing.

Now arrange for plates, top them with the shredded cheese then place 3 or 4 strips of cooked meat. Garnish it with the tortilla chips, pepper, and quartered tomatoes and dressing dollop over each strip of meat.

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