Catfish Amandine for Dinner

The Catfish Amandine is great dinner recipe for those people who are health conscious. This is the easiest recipe and anyone can try out this for their dinner as it gets ready in less time.


• Take catfish about one pound and cut them in four portions

• Butter one tablespoon

• Low fat milk half cup

• Sliced almonds one fourth cup

• Half tablespoon salt

• Two tablespoon lemon juice

• Fresh parsley chopped one tablespoon

• Lightly beaten one large egg

• Thinly sliced three cloves of garlic

• All purpose flour one third cup

• Cayenne pepper half tablespoon

Method of preparation

Light up the gas and on a medium heat you need to heat one tablespoon of butter or oil of your choice in a small saucepan. In that oil or butter add the sliced garlic and almonds and cook at least for one to three minutes until it turns brown. Once it is done you can set them aside.

Take a shallow dish and mix the egg beaten and the low fat milk together. Mix the cayenne, flour and salt together in another sallow dish. Once both the milk and the flour mixture are ready take the fish that are already cut into pieces and dip them first in the mixture of milk and then in the mixture of flour, to shade the excess flour sake well.

Take large nonstick skillet add the remaining oil and heat it on a medium flame. Cook the fish for four to six minutes until there is an opaque in the center and the fish turns brown.

Then over a medium heat you need to add the sauce of garlic and almond that was kept ready aside. Add the lemon juice in that sauce and over the fish pour the sauce. Finally sprinkle the chopped parsley on the fish and it is ready to serve.

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