Cheesecake Cupcakes Recipe

Cheesecake Cupcakes is also known as “fairy cake” in England, and commonly called “patty cake” in Australia. A cupcake is a small cake which is made in an aluminium bowl, to serve exactly one person, it is easy to eat as anyone can just pick up a cheese cupcake and hog on to it.

There are number of dressings that can be put on top of a cheese cupcake to make it look absolutely delicious. The dressings include frostings, sprinkles, eatable flowers, chocolate sauce and fruits like strawberries, mulberries, cherries to make it even more healthier.

The term “cupcake” originated in 1796 by a cook named “Amelia”. Cheese Cupcake is just a variation of the cupcake. Cheese Cupcake can be had on birthdays, corporate parties,wedding’s,baby shower’s or just for a treat!

Cheese Cupcake recipe

• Cupcake pan for ten cupcakes

• Aluminium foil for ten cupcakes

For the crust

• One fourth cup graham cracker crumbs

• two tbsp unsalted melted butter

• one tbsp light brown sugar

For the filling

• ten oz. cream cheese

• half cup sugar

• one fourth cup sour cream

• two eggs

For the topping

• one fourth cup sour cream

• three tbsp granulated sugar

• 1 can strawberry pie filling

Starting with the crust

• Take a food processor, make fine crumbs out of the graham crackers , or crumble them with your hand till you get fine pieces.

• Mix melted butter, graham crumbs(as per step1) and brown sugar all together in a clean bowl.

• Put this mixture in the cupcake liners.


• Now for the filling take the cream cheese and put it in the food processor and beat till you get a fine mixture, do not over process this mixture just keep it smooth.

• Add sugar to this mixture.

• Add sour cream.

• Add eggs till the entire mixture becomes smooth.

• Take this filling and place it in the cupcake liners just above the crust.

• Preheated oven at 300 degrees.

• Bake the crust and filling for around twenty minutes.

• After baking cool this cupcake for five minutes.


• Mix cream and sugar together in a clean bowl.

• Keep mixing it with a spoon till you get a fluffy mixture then place it on the cupcake liners.

• Bake this in the oven for five minutes.

• Cool the cupcakes till room temperature.

• Put one spoonful strawberry or chocolate pie filling.

• Keep it in the refrigerator for four hours chill completely.

The cheese cupcake is now ready all you need to do is eat!

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