Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe

Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe have gone through many variations but this wonderful French dish is still one of the favorite recipes. It simply means blue-ribbon-chicken as well as it is surely a gourmet recipe to cook. The crushed chicken breasts rolled-up around cheese and ham is excellent gourmet meal solution and can easily get prepared for special dinner or occasion. Cream cheese chicken cordon bleu dish is the amazing dish to change the taste of your tongue.


• 4 to 5 chicken breasts

• 3 tablespoons of cream cheese

• Salt according to your taste

• 5 slices of Swiss cheese

• One egg which is lightly beaten

• 5 slices of deli ham or honey ham

• Saltine crackers nicely crushed

• 3 or 4 tablespoon of vegetable oil

• 2 or 3 tablespoons of water

Method Of Preparation

Its preparation time is 20 minutes but the total time required for this dish is 40 to 50 minutes.Place the chicken pieces between the 2 pieces of plastic wrap or wax paper and pound it till it is ¼ inch thick. Place each 1 slice of cheese as well as ham over each chicken breast. Equally spread the cream cheese nicely between the breasts, spreading properly on the top of ham.

Carefully roll them with the help of toothpicks. It is necessary that you secure its ends so that there is no leakage of the cream cheese from them. Now with the use of toothpicks carefully close its ends so that the cream doesn’t come out. Lightly sprinkle salt over all the pieces of chicken and then dip them nicely in egg. Roll up the chicken in the cracker crumbs.

Place the skillet over the heat and add oil then after 3 or 4 minutes add rolls in the hot oil. Cook the rolls turning occasionally for about 8 or 10 minutes until they are light brown. When they become brown then add some water as well as cover the skillet. Simmer it for about 15 minutes so that chicken is nicely cooked.

After the chicken is done remove the skillet from heat. Remove toothpicks and now your cheese cream chicken cordon bleu dish is ready to be served. Give a delightful surprise to your family and friends.

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