Chicken Enchilada Recipe

Chicken Enchilada recipe with Campbells is delicious to eat. Are you planning to have a get together and you are confused what you will prepare for the guest? You can take the help of the various recipe books to find the delicious recipe for your guest and family.

If you want a mouth watering dish for your family and your guest and also looking for the recipe that is easy to cook then the delicious chicken enchilada recipe is great to make your guests impressed. This recipe is highly nutritious and if you are conscious about the health of the people then this recipe can surely satisfy your needs. Cook this recipe this time for the upcoming get together and give your guests a unique experience.


• One green onion sliced

• You need warm tortillas of six flour

• You need to have half cup of any Mexican cheese shredded or you can even have the Monterey jack cheese

• You need to have one small tomato chopped

• Two tablespoon of chili powder

• You need to chop the two cups of cooked chicken

• You need healthy cream of chicken the Campbell (one can)

• Picante sauce one cup

• Sour cream half cup

Method of Preparation

Take a bowl of medium size and mix the soup, picante sauce, and chilli powder properly. Take another bowl of large size and add the chicken pieces that you have already cut into pieces and then stir the mixture in the pieces of chicken and finally add the cheese.

Take out the warm tortillas and spread the chicken mixture in those tortillas. After this you need to take a shallow baking tray and need to wrap the tortillas with the chicken mixture and place the tortillas facing down. Once you have placed the tortillas then for filling the tortillas the remaining picante sauce need to be poured.

You can use foil to cover the tray with the tortillas. You need to pre heat the oven up to 350 degrees and for about forty minutes you need to put the tray in the oven for baking. The extra cheese that is left, you need to sprinkle them over the baked tortillas after removing it from the oven. Put the same into the oven again for a while until the melting of the cheese. Finally you can serve hot the Campbell chicken enchilada topped with chopped onion and tomato.

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