Chicken Fajita Recipe

For the Mexican themed party you can try out the chicken fajita recipe. The chicken lovers will have a great time by making this mouth watery recipe at home. If you have small kids at home then this dish will surely win their heart and they will enjoy the food. If you care about your health then it is always good to prepare delicious recipes at home. The food that is available outside is unhygienic and not good for your health.

Chicken Fajita Recipe


• Olive oil two table spoon

• Flour tortillas eight

• Chicken breast fillets four

• Extra olive oil one tablespoon

• Lime juice one fourth cup

• Freshly chopped coriander leaves one fourth cup

• Crushed garlic two cloves

• Bottle tomato salsa one cup

• Sliced two onions

• Large sliced one avocado

• Take two capsicum and cut them into thin stripes

• Grated cheddar cheese one cup

Method Of Preparation

For preparing this dish the chicken breasts needs to be marinated first. Cut the chicken into stripes after trimming the sinew and fat. Take a non metal dish that is shallow and place the chicken stripes on it. Take a jug and combine coriander, lime juice, cumin, oil and garlic and then mix them properly.

After this the marinade should be poured over the chicken pieces and cover it and keep it aside. Take a flatplate or barbeque grill and preheat it. Wrap the tortillas using the foil and let it warm for a while in the cool part of the barbeque grill. Take the capsicum and onion and fry until they get soft and the vegetables should be at the cooler part of the flatplate.

Add the chicken to the flatplate and for five minutes you need to cook till it becomes tender. Take the tortillas and serve the cooked chicken, onion, avocado and capsicum over it. Roll up the filled tortillas by topping it with the salsa. Then you can serve it hot to your guests and family members by sprinkling the coriander leaves over it.

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