Chicken In Wine Sauce

Chicken is always the most favorite meat and it is healthier then red meat. It must be most widely used meat and all over the world you can get chicken in many varieties.

Chicken is a good source of protein not only for the young children but also the elderly as they need special care for strengthening their bones. Apart from being a good source of protein, it is also a good source of many other essential nutrients.

This particular recipe is for the chicken and wine lovers as the small of wine calls you to the dinner table once it is cooked. This is an easy to prepare dish where you need 20 minutes preparation time and around 1 hour cooking time. There are no separate instructions for making white sauce and chicken. You need to remember that all the ingredients should be cooked together.

The measure used in this recipe can be used for around 4 people and you do not need separate glass of wine to enjoy this recipe.

Ingredients for the chicken in wine sauce:

• Chicken breast – boneless and skinless – 4

• White wine – 1 cup

• Onion – small diced

• Fat free sour Cream – 1 tin of around 16 oz

• White mushrooms - 5 to 7

• Tomato – 1 cup in a cube form.

• Cheese - ½ cup shredded

• Coriander – ½ cup finely chopped

• Vegetable cooking spray

Method of preparation

1. Take a skillet and put chicken breasts in it for cooking. Put cooking spray generously on it.

2. Turn chicken after 10 minutes as it should be brown from both the sides.

3. Reduce the flame.

4. Add onion, tomatoes and mushroom and cook for around 45 minutes.

5. At this time chicken should be cooked properly. Check after every 20 minutes and change cooking time accordingly.

6. Put white wine and cook again for 10 minutes in a low flam. Chicken should absorb the flavor of the wine.

7. Add sour cream into it and cook for another 5 minutes stirring continuously. All the ingredients other than chicken should get mix well to prepare sauce.

Your yummy chicken dish is ready to serve. Serve hot. Garnish your chicken with shredded cheese and coriander. These two items are optional and you can enjoy your chicken dish without them too.

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