Chicken Marinade Recipe

You can try out the fabulous home made chicken marinade recipe, if you are interested to taste something special tonight for dinner and if you like chicken. This is something that you can easily prepare at home for your family. This will surely be one of the favorite recipes and loved by every one in your family.

You can also use this chicken marinade for the party purpose and make your guest really excited to taste this delicious food. When you prepare any dish for your family you should keep one thing in mind that they should have the dish happily and should be healthy at the same time. You need to try out different types of interesting recipes every time to make your family members happy.

To make the recipe delicious you need to have a list of ingredients and know how to execute them accordingly. In order to make this recipe you need to have chicken breast cubes of one and half inch and you should even include some vegetables as well.


• Chicken breasts in cubes of one and half inch

• Bell peppers

• Potatoes

• Mushrooms

• Cherry tomatoes

• Lemon juice one fourth cup

• Soy sauce two tablespoon

• Olive oil half cup

• Half teaspoon oregano

• Slice of one large onion

• Worcestershire sauce one tablespoon

• Garlic cove one dice

Method of Preparation

First take a large plastic bowl that has a good lid on it for preparing the chicken marinade. You can also use the Ziploc bag which is large enough. Then add the oregano, garlic, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, onions and olive oil.

You can stir or mix them properly so that they are mixed well. Once the marinade is ready then add the chicken breast cube into the marinade bowl and mix them again properly. After you mix them then cover the bowl and keep them aside. In order to make the meat properly soaked in the marinade occasionally you need to turn the meat over.

For at least three to five hours or over night you will have to keep the marinade chicken in the refrigerator after sealing it properly. After that you need to keep your grill ready for placing the vegetables and meat for grilling. Allow the grill for fifteen minutes to cook and then it is ready to serve the dish.

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