Chicken Soup Recipe

Soup is always a good appetizer. You should take it at least half an hour before the actual meal. Soups can be made of many ingredients and chicken soup is considered as one of the healthiest ingredient in the soup.

Chicken Soup Recipe
Sweet Corn Chicken Soup is a Chinese soup which is quite popular in most of the Asian nations. All the ingredients are easily available in the local departmental store. This soup is for the two people and tastes delicious for the chicken as well as corn lovers.

Ingredients for the chicken soup recipe:

• 2 Eggs – separate white and yellow part. We just need white part for this recipe

• Chicken – boneless 200 gm

• Pepper powder – 2 teaspoons

• Pinch of Ajinomoto – Is a name of a Japanese company which makes a seasoning. It is a white substance like salt. It gives taste to your soup but it can be optional

• Sweet corn – 1 can

• Corn flour - 4 tablespoon

• Salt – as per the taste

Stepwise Preparation

1. Take a big bowl where you can boil chicken. While boiling put one teaspoon of pepper power and salt.

2. Boil till it becomes soft. No need to stir it. You can boil it in the pressure cooker also if that suits you.

3. Shred the chicken once it cools down.

4. Take a pan and add 8 cups of water.

5. Bring it to boil and then add the shredded chicken into it while stirring

6. Add the canned sweet corn into it. Stir well. Let it cook for 5 minutes without stirring.

7. Take another cup and put cold water in it. Add the corn flour and mix it well till it becomes a smooth paste. Corn flour will not mix in the hot water so make paste first and then pour it into the pan. While putting corn flour paste, stir continuously as it should not become like stone.

8. All the ingredients should boil together properly while stirring.

9. Take another cup and beat egg white.

10. Before you remove the pan from the heat, put egg white in the soup.

11. Serve it hot. At the time of serving you can put 1 more teaspoon of pepper powder.

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