Chicken With Orange Flavor

This special chicken with orange flavor recipe is meant for the chicken lover. It can be eaten with either bread or rice. It gives chicken in orange flavor. For giving orange flavor, you need zest of orange and not the actual orange.

Zest is the outer cover of orange. You need to grate the outer cover to get the zest from orange. It gives great flavor to your chicken. In place of orange zest you can also use lime zest which gives lime flavor but orange can help change the color of the final dish which would look bright.

This is a spicy recipe and good for the occasion like Christmas. Quantity can be easily increased in case you want to make it for a big group. Orange flavor and white wine makes this recipe a rich item to consume on this day- Christmas.

Ingredients for Chicken with orange flavor:

• Chicken breast – 10 boneless and skinless cut in a cube shape

• Sweet Paprika – ½ teaspoon

• Chili powder – ½ teaspoon

• White wine – 1 litre

• Orange zest – 1 orange

• Tomato Passata 3 tablespoon

• Tomato puree – 2 tablespoon

• Cinnamon – ½ teaspoon

• Ginger – 4 teaspoon shredded

• Coriander – 2 teaspoon

• Sesame seeds – 2 teaspoon

• Sugar – 3 tablespoon

• Garlic – 2 teaspoon minced

• Tamari – 4 tablespoon it is kind of soy sauce

• Parsley leaves – 1 tablespoon

• Salt and pepper to taste

Method Of Preparation

1. Take a big iron pot and cook chicken for ½ an hour with enough water.

2. Except Parsley leaves, mix all the other ingredients and pour over chicken. Simmer it with little extra water.

3. Everything should be cooked together and all the other ingredients except chicken should be mixed so well that you can see thick gravy.

4. While cooking put lid on the iron pot.

5. Once everything is cooked. Remove it from fire.

6. At the time of serving garnish it with Parsley leaves

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