Crock Pot Chicken Tortillas

Here is how you can make crock pot chicken tortillas for the entire family. This recipe is quite simple yet renders a good treat for the taste buds. The ingredients needed to prepare this dish are also readily available and you do not have to spend a lot of time gathering them.


• 1 full chicken

• Salsa of green chilli half cup

• I can of chicken soup cream

• Chopped onion (1 medium size)

• Black olives

• Grated cheese one and a half cup

• Corn tortillas one dozen

• Cooking tapioca two tablespoons

Method of preparation

Wash the chicken thoroughly under running water to ensure it is well cleaned. Drain out excess water and cut the chicken into bite size pieces. Mix it with the cream of chicken soup, tapioca, salsa and chilli.

Cut 3 tortillas into even size pieces and make a layer of it at the bottom of the crock pot. Over it add the chicken mixture, 1/3 grated cheese and 1/3 chopped onion. Again make another layer of corn tortillas over it and then the chicken mixture, cheese and onion again. Cover it.

Then you can either cook it for six to eight hours on low heat or three hours on high heat. For garnishing slice the black olives and spread over the entire plate. This is how you make crockpot chicken tortillas. This is not only healthy but takes little preparation time. This dish can be enjoyed by all the members of the family including kids.

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