Cupcake Wedding Cakes

Cupcake wedding cakes are admired these days as they are very different from traditional wedding cake styles. One reason why you should choose them is because they are cheaper than preparing one big cake.

For people who can't make up about what kind of a wedding cake they want, cupcake cakes make everything simpler. Opting for diverse colors and flavors with large variety of decorations is a good idea. These cakes have other advantages too as they are easy to transport, handle and serve. And most importantly they are a lot of fun!

Cupcake Wedding Cakes

By decorating cupcake wedding cakes prices will remain effective and at the same time look amazing. There are a number of colors available for frosting and you can coordinate it with the occasion’s theme. Colors of bold contrast or even seasonal color could be used.

A huge amount of topping could be done with the help of berries or even small blocks of chocolate. In this way your cupcake cake would look just perfect!

Wedding Cupcake Recipe:


Butter cream chocolate Icing on the cake:

• Unsalted butter-eight table spoons

• Sugar –one pound

• Chocolate extract –this is about one-two teaspoons

• Milk-two to four tablespoons

Cupcake recipe:

• Unsalted butter-one cup

• Sugar-two cups

• Chocolate extract-1 ¼ spoons of the extract

• Eggs-four are needed

• Cake flour-three cups

• Baking powder-one large spoonful

• Salt-half spoonful

• Milk –one cup

Directions to bake:

• Oven must be preheated to a temperature of 350 degrees.

• Sugar and cream must be beaten up until it is downy. Simultaneously chocolate extract and eggs must be added and nicely mixed.

• Baking powder, flour and salt must be added. Now this mixture must be poured into the butter mixture, along with milk.

• The Cupcake pan must be lined with foil muffin cups. Pour the batter into every cup. Bake it now for 20 to 25 minutes till a golden crispy layer arises on the top. Keep it aside and let it cool down.

• To make the cream icing, the sugar and butter must be mixed thoroughly after which chocolate extract must be added along with milk.

• The decorations can be as desired.

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