Diabetic Pizza

An egg, asparagus and bacon pizza can be a good diabetic pizza recipe that you can prepare for dinner. This can be made easily and quickly and provide you with an enjoyable dish at the dinner.

If you are diagnosed with diabetes recently then there are high chances that your doctor has told you about the various changes that you have to do in your daily life. One of the most essentials of all these changes is surely the change that you have to do in your diet. For most diabetic people this is the most difficult change that they have to follow.

Obviously you are aware of the restriction on sugar that you have to maintain. You should know the fact that there are various foods that can generate sugar after entering your body. However, there are lots of choices for you that can help you with quite tasty dishes.

It is essential for every individual to maintain a balanced and healthy diet; it is more important for the diabetic people. In every meal, all the nutrients should be present in the right proportion. There are various diabetic dinner recipes that you can prepare. These recipes can be tasty and healthy at the same time.


• One pound whole wheat pizza dough

• Two strips of bacon

• Three-fourth cup of sliced shallots

• One pound asparagus that is trimmed and cut into pieces of two inches

• Four large eggs

• One-fourth teaspoon of salt

• One-fourth teaspoon of pepper that is freshly ground

• One cup of extra sharp cheddar that is shredded

Method Of Preparation

The oven should be preheated to 500 degree Fahrenheit. A rimmed and large baking sheet must be coated with cooking spray. Then the dough should be rolled on a surface that is lightly floured. The surface should be the size of the large baking sheet. In the meantime the bacon must be cooked in a big non-sticky skillet.

Cook it in medium heat unless it becomes crisp. Then the shallots should be added to the pan and then cooked by stirring often. Do this for about two minutes until it starts to become brown. Then add the asparagus to it and cook it by stirring for two to three minutes until it becomes soft.

The vegetables should be spread on the top of the crumble and crust bacon. Eggs, pepper and salt should be whisked in a bowl before they combine and then pour them over the vegetables. Sprinkle some cheese on the pizza. Then bake it for eight to ten minutes and your pizza is ready.

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