Diabetic Salmon Recipe

This is a diabetic salmon recipe for preparing a delicious meal if you have diabetic problems. Salmon is well known for its nutritious values and dish made out of it is just perfect for any diabetes patient. You can now cook a light dinner of stuffed salmon with garlic and cream cheese.


• Salmon fillets of two to four ounce

• Baby spinach one fourth cup

• Reduced fat cream cheese two tablespoons

• Two cloves of fresh garlic finely chopped

• Fresh green onion finely chopped one fourth cup

• One fourth cup of button mushroom chopped

• Freshly ground black pepper to taste

• Extra virgin olive oil one tablespoon

Method of Preparation

Wash the salmon fillets properly. After draining excess water take each salmon fillet and make four to five slits across each fillet. Take the fresh garlic and green onion that was finely chopped and stuff each salmon fillet well with them.

Next take the reduced fat cream cheese and spread it evenly across all the salmon fillets. Now cover the salmon fillets with baby spinach and chopped baby mushroom. Sprinkle virgin olive oil over them and finally add black pepper to taste.

Now you have lay this on a baking dish that is shallow and not quite deep. This will help all the fillets to be arranged properly all over the baking dish so that none of them remain under cooked and neither any of them become overcooked.

You have to bake this preparation for fifteen to twenty minutes at four hundred degree in the oven. Use a fork to test whether the fish can be flaked easily. The quantity of ingredients mentioned above will make a dinner for two. If you have a large family you can increase the ingredients proportionately.

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