Fried Chicken Recipe

Delicious fried chicken recipe with garlic. Fried chicken is a recipe in which the pieces of chicken from the broiler chicken has been floured and battered in different spices, ingredients as well as deep fried nicely.

The ingredients, spices and chicken size will differ but chicken is the important ingredient which is cooked through deep fry, pressure fry or pan fry. The batter or breading make sure that the chicken from outside is crisp and spicy but the inner portion remains moist.

There are different ingredients as well as methods of preparing fried chicken recipe. Generally the deep fried chicken is been served along with the potato salad, sauces, ketchup or bread. There are different variations of fried chicken dish, it varies from place to place but still chicken is the main ingredient for everyone.

Given below is how you can prepare garlic chicken fried chicken for your family. This recipe is simple and takes only 35 minutes for cooking and preparing. The different ingredients needed for preparing this recipe is also easily available, this means you don’t have to waste lots of your time in gathering them.


• Garlic powder two teaspoons or according to your taste

• Salt according to your taste

• One egg

• Black pepper one teaspoon (ground)

• One cup of bread crumbs

• Two cups of oil or as per your requirement

• Flour one cup

• One cup of milk

• 5 boneless and skinless chicken breast

• Two teaspoons of paprika

Method Of Preparation

To ensure that chicken is clean wash it under water properly. Take a shallow dish and mix garlic powder, salt, bread crumbs, pepper, paprika and flour nicely. Check everything is mixed properly and then take another dish and whisk together the egg as well as milk.

Take an electric skillet and set it to 350 Fahrenheit, then add oil. Dip the pieces of chicken in milk and egg; dredge it in the ingredients that are dry to make sure that it is evenly coated.

Fry chicken fully in the oil for approx 6 to 8 minutes and check whether it is fully fried or until it is cooked through as well as juices run clearly. Remove the pieces of chicken from the hot oil with the help of slotted spatula and get ready to serve it hot to your family or friends.

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