Grilled Tuna Steak

Grilled tuna steak dinner recipe helps you to maintain your diet. One of the favorite recipes that most of you choose is the steak recipe. You can get various steak dinner recipes but the grilled tuna steak recipe is the favorite for most of the fish lovers. Some people do not like the tuna fish much because they do not look good. But the tuna fishes are great for health. You will really love this fish after the preparation is done even though you may not like the appearance of fish.


• One lb tuna steak

• One fourth cup olive oil

• Lemon juice two teaspoon

• Old bay seasoning four tablespoons

• Lime juice two tablespoons

Method of Preparation

First take a mixing bowl and mix all the ingredients together such as old bay seasoning, lemon juice, olive oil and lime juice and mix it well. Pour the mixture on the tuna once the mixture is ready and for twenty minutes marinade it. But it should not be kept unattended. To make the marinade equally distributed both inside out of the fish the tuna fish should be occasionally turned.

You must prepare your grill once the marinade is completed. You must cover the grill and turn the grill to high if you are using the electric grill. Use some coal for burning if you are using the regular grill. You need the hottest part of the grill so make the grill turn hot and red and no black marks. Put the tuna in the hottest part of the grill and in every one and two minutes keep searing the tuna so that you get the flavor properly.

Turn down the electric grill to medium or low heat and if the regular grill then transfer the tuna a bit away from the hottest area once it is done. Depending on the thickness of the tuna you like, keep turning the tuna steak in every eight to ten minutes.

Take a clean plate and arrange the tuna fish once it is cooked. You can squeeze the lemon juice on the tuna so that you get a great flavor and you can even add old bay seasoning if you want and serve hot.

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