Ham With Honey

With different options here is one of the delicious dishes for ham with honey. The preparation time needed for this recipe is just 20 minutes and its cooking time is maximum 2 hour.


• 6 pounds to 8 pounds of smoked ham

• Two tablespoons of the prepared mustard

• ½ cup of honey

• One cup of brown sugar

• One cup of white wine (sweet)

• One cup of ginger ale or you can use 7 Up

• Whole cloves

• Canned rings of pineapple

Method of Preparation

You need to preheat oven up to 250 Fahrenheit. Remove all the rind over the ham as well as the fat, leaving a thick layer of just 1/8 inch. Put the ham on the roasting pan which is been lined with an aluminum foil (as this will remove later on a tough clean-up).

Score fat over the ham (make a diamond pattern). In a bowl mix brown sugar, honey as well as prepared mustard. Now rub the sauce of mustard and honey all over the ham, press the sauce properly on the cut marks. Stick a clove at the center of diamonds. By using toothpicks carefully put the slices of sweet pineapple on the ham. On each ring of pineapple put maraschino cherries along with toothpicks.

If you are preparing only ½ a ham, then properly cover the end with the aluminum foil with the toothpicks. This will keep the leftover meat from getting dry.

Now put the ham in oven for baking for 2 hours to 4 hours (according to the weight and size of the ham) or till the time the internal temperature reaches 140 Fahrenheit on the meat thermometer. Every 30 minutes brush it with ginger ale and wine or just ginger ale.

While cooking brush it with the pan juices. Now take it out from the oven and put it on a carving board. Before carving allow the ham to cool down for 30 minutes. When you slice remove the rind and excess fat. Add the carving juices to the sauce and separately serve it.

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