Hawaiian Chicken Recipe

One of the yummy and amazing recipes is Hawaiian chicken recipe that is sweet and sour using the savory garlic asparagus. It is not at all difficult to prepare this dish. Any one at any time can prepare this recipe easily.


• Minced garlic one teaspoon

• Take chicken broth one cup

• You need to take cornstarch two tablespoon

• Tomato puree half cup

• Water two tablespoon

• Low sodium salt

• Take maraschino cherries about three fourth cup

• Take fresh pineapple dice of one cup

• White vinegar one fourth cup

• Take virgin oil extra of one teaspoon

• Cane sugar of two teaspoon

• Chicken breast eight oz

• Soy sauce of two tablespoon

• Slivered almonds one teaspoon

• Canned or fresh asparagus of two cups

Method of Preparation

Take the raw chicken and cut them into pieces in dice shape and you can even season it if you want. Take one non stick pan and add olive oil and sauté chicken for about five to eight minutes. Make sure the chicken pieces should not have pink signs and the outside should be completely white.

Take another skillet that too a non- stick one and add pineapple dice, cornstarch, vinegar, soy sauce, cane sugar, chicken broth, tomato puree, olive oil, water and maraschino cherries and allow it to cook on a medium heat until it becomes thick.

Add the chicken pieces that are already cooked into the mixture and cover it with a lid but make sure the mixture is not too saucy. On a low heat for about ten minutes cook the chicken. Then you need to prepare for the asparagus to be cooked.

On a low heat for about seven minutes cook the asparagus with salt in a saucepan and cover it. Then place asparagus in a frying pan after adding minced garlic cook it for at least for five minutes. Now it is ready to serve the sweet and sour Hawaiian chicken and watch how your family enjoys the dinner.

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