Lemon Chicken Recipe

This is an easy to make and tasty to eat lemon chicken recipe.Many people love cooking especially women who like to out new dishes in their kitchen although it is stressful but at the same time exciting too.

Lemon Chicken Recipe
When you have some lengthy process recipe it becomes difficult for you to stand in the kitchen for hours and prepare a particular dish, this is especially when you have big family. It is good to experiment the taste of different types of dishes but it should always be easy to prepare and with easily available ingredients.

In most families you will find people prefer non veggies than having vegetables and chicken is something that is common in all houses. You can find many different recipes for preparing the mouthwatering chicken dishes.

The tasty lemon chicken recipe can be a great option as this is easy to prepare. You just need about fifteen minutes for cooking and twenty five minutes for the preparation. So the total time period to prepare the dish is approximately forty minutes.


• Take one fourth cup of water

• Soy sauce one teaspoon

• Take the yolk of one egg

• Sugar one tablespoon

• Cut the two large chicken breasts into small chunks

• One teaspoon cornstarch

• Olive oil two tablespoon

• Salt and pepper to taste

• Take one big lemon and keep both the zest and juice

Method Of Preparation

Take a bowl and mix chicken and soy sauce in it and keep for half an hour roughly for marinating. While the chicken is kept for marinating you can even start with the process of cooking and as well as begin preparing the sauce too. You can then take a pan and use a whisk then add water, lemon ingredient, sugar and cornstarch and mix them well.

Once the mixture is ready you need to bring the sauce to boil. You need to stir it until the sauce becomes thick. Use low heat to cook this mixture on it while you can take care of rest of the meal. Take another pan and put olive oil and heat the oil and take a bowl for mixing the yolk of an egg and cornstarch of one tablespoon. For making the batter these are the two ingredients that you require.

After the batter is done add the chicken into it and then cover the container. For few minutes you need to fry the chicken on both the sides by turning them over. Now you can pour the ready sauce on the fried chicken by placing them in the serving plates.

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