Mexican Spaghetti

Here you can try out the Mexican spaghetti. The Mexican recipes are easy to prepare and to prepare them it is not necessary to attend any culinary school. You can prepare some delicious Mexican dishes with the help of some easy recipe, right type of ingredients and simple kitchen tools.

If you are planning to prepare Mexican themed dinner for your family then you will need some fresh vegetables and fruits. Along with the vegetables and fruits the cheese also plays an important role in the Mexican dishes.

There are two types of cheese used to prepare the dishes, one the hard cheese that is used for sprinkling on the food and the other one is used for cooking. You can prepare different types of Mexican dinner recipes that are easily prepared at home.

For your dinner you can try out the Mexican spaghetti with cheese.


• One pound spaghetti noodles broken in half

• One large chopped yellow onion

• Three tablespoon cooking oil of your choice

• Half table spoon ground cumin

• Four skinless, boneless chicken breast halves

• One cup parmesan shredded cheese

• Water two cups

• Mexican Oregano one tablespoon

• Diced tomatoes two ounce cans

• One cup shredded queso cotija

• Chili powder one tablespoon

• Pepper and salt

Method of Preparation

The chicken breasts should be half in thickness for preparing the spaghetti. To prepare the cheesy spaghetti you need to have a large skillet with lid over. Take half of the oil of your choice in the skillet and over a medium high heat the oil needs to be heated. Fry the chicken for two minutes per side until the chicken is brown, and then you need to take the chicken out from the skillet.

Next take the broken noodles and fry them in the remaining one and half tablespoon oil for five minutes in medium heat. To make sure the noodles do not get burned you need to stir frequently. The chicken breasts need to be cut into bite size pieces.

Add the yellow onion chopped and diced tomatoes to the oil in the skillet. Next add the chicken pieces and the other ingredients such as the chili powder, Mexican oregano and cumin. Lastly add the pepper and salt to taste and cover the skillet with the lid after adding water. Leave it to simmer for ten minutes over medium to low heat and serve hot with the shredded parmesan and queso cotija sprinkled over.

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