Mushroom Soup Recipes

This is one of the healthiest mushroom soup recipes for preparing a light and tasteful dinner for your family and friends.

Having healthy soup is a great way of staying fit and losing weight. For losing weight the simple idea is that the amount of calorie used by you should be higher than that you consume. Due to this reason different soup recipes are great as they have low amount of calorie while rich in different nutrients.

Mushroom Soup Recipe
At the same time these soups are also quite tasty. If you opt for soups during your daily meals then you will be capable of cutting down the calories in a dramatic manner. For this reason soups are the main diet of various weight loss programs.

It is quite simple to prepare healthy soups. You can use vegetables that have lower amount of carbohydrate. Soup can be a great meal for your dinner. You can easily prepare this healthy as well as tasty meal for the whole family. If you are fond of mushroom then you can make a creamy mushroom soup.

This mushroom soup recipe is delicious and quite easy to make. The soup is provided with a meaty and deep flavor with the help of regular as well as shiitake mushroom. You can easily prepare eight bowls of mushroom soup.


• One-fourth cup of butter

• Half pound of white or brown sliced mushroom

• Half pound of shiitake mushrooms. They should be sliced and the stems removed

• Two sliced leeks

• Two sliced garlic cloves

• Six cups of beef broth

• Half cup of cream

• Black pepper and salt to taste

• One-fourth cup fresh parsley

Method of Preparation

The butter should be melted in a big pot in medium amount of heat. Then add the mushrooms and stir them till they are brown. The juices must evaporate. This should be done for ten to fifteen minutes. Then the leeks must be added.

Then add the beef broth along with the garlic and increase the heat to medium high. The heat should be reduced to low when the soup starts to boil. Then it should be covered and slowly simmered for forty minutes. After this turn off the heat and uncover the soup. Then leave it for 15 minutes to cool.

Then the soup should be pureed carefully in a blender. Then it should be poured back in the pot and stirred with the cream. It should be then brought back to the simmer and black pepper and salt must be added for taste. Now you can serve your mushroom soup hot with chopped parsley.

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