Orange Chicken Recipe

The Tangy Orange Chicken Recipe with cheese is aimed mostly at those groups of people who are bored of the regular snacks and appetizers and those who want an explosion in their taste buds by combining some very unusual combinations of food stuffs.

We are all always on the lookout for new and innovative recipes which would attract both kids and elders. In order to achieve this mission, we sometimes end up mixing various combinations of food items which are easily available in most of our larders.

This recipe is easy to make and engages the curiosity of everyone who try it due to its unusual combination of ingredients. Apart from being a different appetizer food item, this recipe also contributes significantly to the nutritional value of our daily foods, as opposed to most snack items which are infamous for being fatty by nature leading to various complications.


Chicken cubes - one small bowl

Cheese cubes - half bowl

Orange juice – of two oranges

Honey – two table spoons

Olive oil – for shallow frying

Salt – to taste

Vinegar – for marinade

Water – for boiling

Tooth pick sticks

Method of Preparation

Wash the chicken well under running cold water and boil in water for about five to seven minutes. Cut the chicken in cubes and marinade with vinegar and salt for ten minutes. Shallow fry the chicken cubes in olive oil and set them out on blotting paper for the excess oil to get absorbed.

Dip the fried chicken cubes in orange juice and keep it covered for five minutes. Take a tooth pick and thread a chicken cube with a cheese cube on top of it, to make it resemble a starter stick. Glaze the entire chicken and cheese setup with honey and serve with drinks or crackers as an appetizer.

Nutritional Contribution:

Chicken and cheese are both proven sources of good quality protein which is essential for the human body. Orange juice is an excellent source of Vitamin C and helps prevent diseases such as scurvy. Honey is a good substitute for sugar and is also effective against prevention of cold and cough. Thus owing to the health benefits of this dish, it can be ideal for both kids’ as well as elderly members of your family. This is a highly nutritious dish which is really good for all health conscious people.

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