Pepper Chicken Recipe

This pepper chicken recipe can be prepared easily and quickly with ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen every day.


4 chicken thighs

1 small onion

1 cup of olive oil

1 cup of tomato juice

½ pound peppers


200 gr. feta cheese

We wash the chicken and dry it on paper towels. We sauté it in olive oil with the chopped onion. We pour a little brandy. This probably helps to avoid the heavy smell of chicken. We add the lemon juice and salt water and let the food boil.

Meanwhile, we have prepared the peppers in two ways. The simpler is to blanch them. The second is to cook on the grill, then put them in a nylon bag to sweat and then peel them. When the chicken is ready we throw the peppers in the pot.

We complete the food to stay with its oil. Remove from heat and rub the feta cheese over it as long as the food is hot, to melt. Of course if we do not want the cheese, we can serve it without it.

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