Roasted Heart

Roasted heart is one of the quick as well as simple dishes to make for Halloween.

You can prepare a dish of chicken for your Halloween dinner. There are some ingredients that you must arrange for making this dish.


• 1/3 cup of tomato paste

• Two cloves of crushed garlic

• One teaspoon of crumbled dried spices (Italian)

• Two teaspoons of brown sugar

• One chopped onion

• Three tablespoons of butter

• Salt and pepper

• Six chicken breast

• Three tablespoons of flour

• One and half cups of heavy cream

• Six red pepper (roasted)

Method of Preparation

Take a saucepan and place it on medium heat and put the mixture of the crushed garlic, brown sugar, Italian spices and tomato paste together. Cook the mixture for about 20 minutes and stir it frequently. When the cooking process of tomato sauce is going on, fill up enough water in a large pot for covering chicken breasts just by some inches. But do not add chicken yet.

Now add the garlic, pepper, onion, Italian spices and salt according to your taste and bring the mixture to a boil. In the large pot toss chicken breasts and cover and turn-off the heat. Leave it over the burner and wait for 20 minutes. You do not have to keep on checking it.

After 20 minutes remove a small piece of the chicken and check it properly to make sure whether it is cooked or not. If it is not cooked properly then again cook it for few minutes. By the time when chicken breasts are been cooked, you can place a sauce pan over the medium heat and melt butter but do not make it brown. Add whisk flour to make roux.

Cook it until it is little brown, add heavy cream. Until the sauce is not thickened continue to stir and cook it. Add mixture of tomato paste and mix well. Now when you are serving on every dish place tomato sauce, top with the chicken breast and cover with tomato sauce. Top with roasted pepper and serve it hot.

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