Rosemary Roasted Turkey

You can try out the rosemary roasted turkey recipe for the Thanksgiving dinner. Make your turkey delicious, full flavored and moist with the rosemary turkey.

To make this mouth watering dinner recipe for the Thanksgiving Day, the important ingredients that you require to prepare the dish are:

Fresh rosemary chopped two tablespoons

• Three fourth cup of olive oil

• Black pepper ground one tablespoon

• Twelve pound (one whole) turkey

• Fresh basil chopped one tablespoon

• Minced garlic three tablespoons

• Italian seasoning one tablespoon

• Salt to taste

Method of Preparation

Once you have gathered all the ingredients preheat your oven to 165 degrees C or to 325 degrees F.

Take a small mixing bowl and in that mixing bowl add all the ingredients like black pepper, olive oil, basil, garlic, Italian seasoning, salt and rosemary together and mix well. Keep the mixture aside once it is ready.

Next step is washing the turkey properly both inside and outside. While washing remove the extra fat this is important so that the diseases contained in the bird do not enter your body. Use your fingers in between the skin and breast to clean the turkey.

Take the rosemary mixture that is already prepared and apply a generous amount of that mixture down the leg and thigh and under the breast skin using your hand. Over the outside breast of the turkey apply the rest of the mixture left with you. The skin that is exposed over the breast, use tooth picks to seal that skin.

Use the roasting pan’s rack and place the turkey on it. To the bottom of the pan you must add one forth inch of water. For three to four hours roast the turkey on preheated oven and serve for the dinner on the Thanksgiving day once it is fully cooked.

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