Salmon Patties Recipe

Salmon patties recipe is a popular recipe and if cooked properly it is tasty to eat.

Salmon is a fresh water fish and is tasty to eat. This fish is born in fresh water and then goes to ocean and again returns to fresh water for reproduction. It is an oily fish and healthy as it contains high protein.

Salmon fish is either red or orange in color. Salmon can be cooked in various ways. You can bake it, fry it, or you can make patties or any kind of snacks out of it. Let’s see how we can make delicious Salmon patties with lemon sauce.

Ingredients (to serve 3):

• Salmon fish cut in small pieces

• ¼ cup of almond meal

• 3 to 4 tea spoon chopped green onion

• 1 tea spoon drained caper

• ½ tea spoon fish seasoning

• Salt & black pepper to taste

• 2 eggs

• 3 and ½ oil (preferably use olive oil)

• 2 tea spoon butter

How to cook?

Take a mixing bowl and place the drained sliced salmon. Add green onion, almond meal, caper, fish seasoning, salt and pepper and stir slowly. Add 2 eggs and mix it finely. Take a pan and add oil and butter together and let it heat. Make patties shape of the mixture and add in hot oil.

Let the side cook for 6 – 7 min and then turn. When the patties turn into light brown color your delicious patties is ready. Make a lemon sauce to serve it with. You need to melt butter in saucepan and add flour and keep stirring till it becomes smooth. Then add milk and let it boil.

When it becomes thick remove from heat and adds lemon juice, salt and pepper. Your lip smacking sauce is ready too. Serve it hot to get the best taste.

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