Stuffed Salmon

Stuffed salmon is another great diabetic recipe you can easily prepare. A diabetic person always needs to be careful about his /her diet. Many people control their diet excessively and assume that they cannot eat good and tasty food as they are supposed to control the intake of sugar and salt.

They need to understand that there are many recipes they can enjoy that consume less of both sugar and salt. The only precaution they should take is not to consume certain kind of food if they are diabetic.

The recipe is very simple to make and will not take more preparation as well as cooking time. It is meant for four people and to eat this you do not need to be diabetic. The recipe will not use any salt and sugar since it is harmful to the diabetic person.

The dish is tasty without salt and sugar. It can be called as a light dinner which can be healthy for a diabetic person.Garlic and Onion which are good for diabetes can be used generously in case you like that flavor.

Ingredients for stuffed salmon:

• Salmon fillet – 48 ounce

• Garlic – 2 clove

• Green onions – ½ cup

• Fat free cream cheese – 4 tablespoon

• Baby spinach – ½ cup

• Button Mushrooms – ½ cup chopped

• Olive oil – 2 tablespoon

• Black pepper – for taste in a grounded manner

Method Of Preparation

1. Take one large bowl and mix garlic and onion together. Add cream cheese in it. Mix it well.

2. Take salmon fillets and cut 4 to 5 slits on each salmon.

3. Take microwave safe dish and put these salmon fillets in it first.

4. Stuff the garlic, cream and onion mixture in those slits. Spread little cream cheese on top.

5. Put spinach and mushrooms on top of the Salmon. It will be stuck because of cream on top.

6. Bake it for 20 to 25 minutes in a microwave oven with 400 degree.

7. After 10 minutes of baking you need to check whether fish has been cooked properly. You can use fork to check it.

If your fork is going inside smoothly then the fish is cooked. Serve it hot as it is. The spinach and mushroom gives us garnishing look.

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