Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

You can try out the teriyaki chicken recipe of Japanese cuisine, if you love to have different types of chicken dishes. When you talk about chicken teriyaki then you must know something about the recipe.

This is basically a Japanese based cooking technique and they always use the soy sauce marinade to grill or boil the chicken. In almost every Japanese cuisine this technique is used to serve the food. Originally the teriyaki is derived from the word teri and yaki. The luster and shine that is on the tare by the sugar content is known as the teri and the grilling and boiling cooking method is known as the yaki.

While cooking the meat is brushed or dipped in sauce for many times in this traditional cooking technique. The people who do not like chicken much will also love this dish as this is one of the delicious chicken dishes among all. You might have tried various other chicken dishes but if you have this dish once you will never want to try anything else.

For any recipe you prepare the most important thing one should take care are the ingredients. If you have not taken the ingredients properly then the dish that you cook can not become delicious at all.


• Cold water one tablespoon

• Take ginger ground well about half teaspoon

• You need chicken thighs skinless twelve pieces

• Soy sauce half cup

• Cornstarch one tablespoon

• Cider vinegar one fourth cup

• White sugar half cup

• Black pepper ground half teaspoon

• Minced of one clove garlic

Method of Preparation

Light the gas and on a low heat place a small saucepan. Mix cold water, soy sauce, ginger, cornstarch, garlic, sugar, black pepper ground and vinegar. Once all these are mixed well allow the mixture to simmer but in between you need to keep on stirring. Until it gets bubbles and the sauce becomes thick you need to cook. Next step is to preheat the oven at 425 degrees F.

Take a baking dish of 9X13 and lightly grease it and then place the chicken pieces. While placing the chicken pieces use the sauce as you need to brush them on both sides.

For thirty minutes you need to bake the chicken on the preheated oven and again for thirty minutes you need to turn them and bake again. During cooking you need to brush the chicken with sauce in every ten minutes and then it is ready to serve.

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