Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving turkey preparation is important for thanksgiving dinner. Most of the people prefer turkey dish on this day. Turkey is a bird which can be divided as wild turkey and domestic turkey. Turkey has many health benefits like it is rich source of protein. It has many vitamins and minerals which can help in low blood pressure and cancer like diseases.


• Turkey – 2 turkey ( It can be around 36 pounds)

• Butter – try going for unsalted and soft one so that without any health issue you can use it generously

• Salt - a pinch

• Fresh ground black pepper - a pinch or two

• Turkey stock – 3 quarts

• Stuffing – 16 cups

Method Of Preparation

1. Preheat oven at 325 degree F. Use rack at the lowest position.

2. Clean the turkey. Remove its neck and giblets. Wash it properly and dry it with paper napkins.

3. Place it in a roasting pan and keep the breast side up. Keep the plate on a rack. Fill the body cavity with stuffing.

4. Rub full skin of turkey with melted butter and season it with salt and pepper. Put an alumininum foil on the turkey.

5. Pour four cups of turkey stock in the pan. You need to pour this continuously after every half an hour till the turkey is cooked. The earlier stock will be evaporating and the pan should not be completely dry at any moment.

6. Cook for about 4 and ½ hours.

7. Now remove foil and roast it with a meat thermometer.

8. It should be inserted in the thighs of the turkey and cook till it reaches 180 degree F. It will take around 4 hours.

Once the turkey is ready, transfer it into a serving platter. You need large serving platter if you want to carve it or cut it. Let it cook for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

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