Vegetarian Dinner Recipe

Go Green with a good vegetarian dinner recipe. What separates the vegetarian food from the other variety which includes meat and fish? It is actually the protein and some other nutrients.

When you're planning a healthy vegetarian diet, you're only limited by your imagination. It's important to incorporate a wide variety of whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits in different meals, including seeds and nuts. Variety is the spice of life, and it will help ensure your vegetarian diet is nutrient-dense, interesting, and fun! Aim for variety, even when you serve favorite entrees over and over again, by serving different side dishes, snacks and desserts.

Be creative in planning meals. Boost your consumption of beans and vegetables by eating these foods at lunch time rather than just for dinner. Make it a goal to serve a vegetable every day for lunch and two for dinner. Plan a meal around a vegetable. A baked potato can be a hearty entree; serve it with baked beans, a sauce of stewed tomatoes or a few tablespoons of salsa. Or make a simple meal of sautÈed vegetables and pasta.

Try new foods often. Experiment with a variety of grains such as quinoa, couscous, bulgur, barley, and wheat berries. Try fruits and vegetables that are popular in different international cuisines, such as bok choy.

Vegetarian food mainly involves fruits as well as vegetables and in few cases honey, eggs and dairy products. Some vegetarians do not include dairy products or eggs in their food. Also mushroom is one of the best items used in vegetarian recipes.

Vegetarian Mushroom

To prepare a vegetarian dinner you can make mushroom stuffed rigatoni which is easy to prepare.

Chinese Vegetable Fried Rice

Chinese vegetable fried rice is one of the most preferred vegetarian meals not only in china but all over Asia.

Vegetable Pasta Soup

The following vegetable pasta soup is not only soup but can be taken as a full meal at dinner time. It can provide the person consuming with all essential nutrients.

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