Wheat Roll

This is an easy to make wheat roll recipe. Rolls are anytime favorite food. You can have it either for snacks as well as for dinner. Different kinds of flour will give you different kinds of flavor.

This wheat flour rolls are healthy option for your dinner along with all the other ingredients. This lovely looking and great smelling rolls will call you at dinner table as soon as they are ready.

This easy to make recipe need 40 minutes of preparation and 20 minutes of cooking.

Ingredients for wheat roll:

• Water – 2 cup

• Butter or margarine – 6 tablespoon

• Egg – 2

• Plain flour – 4 cups

• Wheat flour –2 ½ cups

• Sugar – ½ cups

• Salt – 1 teaspoon

• Yeast – 6 teaspoon

• Little more butter for cooking

• Oil – 2 teaspoon

Method of Preparation

1. Take a large bowl. Mix plain flour, wheat flour, sugar, salt, yeast, 4 tablespoon butter or margarine and water in it. Knead dough. Dough should be soft.

2. Out of total 6 tablespoon butter, two tablespoon we will use in a dough and rest we will keep for brushing on rolls.

3. Spread little flour on your hand and pick up the dough. Keep it aside on a lightly floured surface.

4. Cover it and keep it aside for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

5. Take a pan and grease it with oil.

6. Divide dough into 30 balls.

7. Keep all the 30 balls in a greased pan. Brush it from all the sides with melted butter.

8. Cover pan with plastic wrap and keep it aside for around 30 to 40 minutes or till the size of the balls increases to double.

9. Preheat oven at 360 degree for 15 minutes. While you have kept aside the dough, after 20 minutes you can start heating the oven. By the time your oven is heated even your balls are changed into double size and ready to bake.

10. Bake buns at the same degree for another 15 minutes or till the roll becomes golden brown.

11. You can serve it hot as well as cold. If you are serving it hot then again brush it with melted butter as the color will become golden brown.

In case you cannot put all the 30 balls at a time. You can do it twice with 15 balls each time.

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